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Silver Edge 

As specialists in analysing and visualising asset management data, the continuous insights delivered by our team are actionable, producing real benefits by optimising asset maintenance for the owners, managers and operators of infrastructure.

About us

Silver Edge is an engineering and IoT technology specialist for asset management of critical infrastructure.

Our purpose

Creating a real and lasting advantage for infrastructure owners, with the power of data, our team’s domain knowledge and advanced technology.

How we operate

In an Asset Management Ecosystem, supporting infrastructure owners and managers with global industry expertise. To find out more, click here.

Our added value

The combination of innovative technologies with tailored strategic and operational asset management services, assists clients by analysing and visualising the current and future condition of assets to make an impact on maintenance strategy, to develop greater reliability of their asset and to optimise the asset lifecycle.

How we deliver advantage

Silver Edge address the ‘real’ problems of asset owners, operators and asset managers – applying our industry domain knowledge.

Silver Edge aligns with our customers to ensure we understand their network & their asset environment.

Silver Edge has a structured approach that translates data and tech into industry relevant solutions, that provide real and predictable outcomes.

Our approach is based on a practical application of asset management, engineering, and maintenance.

We deliver high quality and excellent value by combining analytical capability and domain expertise in Asset
Management Services
Asset Management Technologies and Digital Twin solutions.

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