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Global Partnerships

Silver Edge applies operational knowledge of assets with a practical approach to maintenance, focused on identifying the real challenges and giving a customised solution by drawing the right combination of skills and experience from across our partner businesses.

These global technology and engineering partners form the basis of our ‘Asset Management Ecosystem’, connecting our customers with the most suitable innovative operational and technology solutions. 

Through the Asset Management Ecosystem, a partnership between Australian based engineering and design firm, BG&E Resources and Silver Edge, allows us to jointly assist our customers to manage the maintenance and renewal of infrastructure assets. 


Silver Edge works with leading asset technology companies to develop and apply innovative and internationally proven solutions to support a smart asset management. As an exclusive distributor for Dual Inventive, we offer new technology innovations from Europe that reduce whole–of–life costs and improve worker safety.


A strategic partnership between Silver Edge & Kallipr supports infrastructure operators to gain greater insights from their operational data and asset management systems.

By integrating Kallipr’s IoT device data with other infrastructure data, our partnership captures dynamic, real-time data into our operational asset management models.

With these strategic partnerships, Silver Edge offer clients a cohesive approach to asset management and lead the way in digital transformation.

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