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Remotely controlled technology making work on the railway infrastructure safer and more efficient, maximizing rail capacity.

Image by Greg Rosenke


ZKL 3000 RC

Improving both safety and efficiency whilst decreasing downtime.

The ZKL 3000 RC is a preinstalled, SIL-4 rated, remote controlled Track Circuit Operating Device approved by Network Rail. The device is simple to install and cost-effective and most importantly improves track workers safety and efficiencies.

Using the device means that there is no need to enter the 4' to add or remove protection once it has been installed because the system can be switched remotely in a matter of seconds. An app on a smartphone or tablet is used to (de-)activate the ZKL 3000 RC.

When switched, it mimics the presence of a train in the area, causing the track circuit to display "occupied" and holding the protecting signal to red. The area is instantly blocked, allowing rail personnel to efficiently and safely maintain the track.

Key Features

Takes possession in a matter of seconds

High Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4

Uses the 4G network


Self-checking, intelligent, high safety integrity level (SIL) 4, Short Circuit Device

Short circuits the signalling circuit when operated (simulates a train in section)

Failsafe design – the device will maintain its state in the event of power or connectivity failure

Measures the quality of its connection to the rail and reports this to the user


Growing demand for track availability
is making essential maintenance
more difficult to execute safely and efficiently.

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Image by Greg Rosenke

RSS 3000

Evolution of Track Protection Equipment


Remote Safety Switch

The RSS 3000 is a SIL4 highly reliable Remote Safety Switch is intended to significantly improve track worker safety and rail capacity. It is based on the certified and proven ZKL 3000 RC and SIL4 Cloud technology.

The RSS 3000 is not mounted between the two running rails, in contrast to the ZKL 3000 RC it is installed in the relay room or lineside cabinet interfacing directly with the signal interlocking. The RSS 3000 can be switched remotely in a matter of seconds without people being on site. A section of track can be immediately protected when switched, allowing track workers to maintain the track effectively and safely.

Key Features

Installed a relay room or lineside cabinet.

Immediately protects the work area when switched within seconds.

Used to apply safe work zones for complex areas/junctions.

Switched remotely using MTinfo3000 app.

Seamless transition for MTinfo 3000 users.

Image by Drew Beamer


CRM 3000

Managing critical rail temperature and avoiding unnecessary speed restrictions

Principal Advantages

The CRM 3000 Monitors Rail and Ambient Temperatures between -20°C and +60°C.


This compact sensor is quick and easy to install using powerful magnets that keep the device secured to the web of the rail.

Uses low-power connectivity technology.

Monitors in real-time against your temperature thresholds, with an accuracy up to 0.5 degrees.

Fully sealed and potted construction stops any ingress from water, frost, dust and insects.

Includes a data monitoring platform, called Insight, to provides customised dashboards presenting the required data.

24/7 Real Time Temperature Monitoring

The CRM 3000 (Critical Rail Monitor) solves the problem of accurately tracking variations in rail temperature. 

The CRM 3000 is built to last, its reliable and low-cost. It ensures long-lasting endurance by utilising the most recent NB-IoT low-power connectivity technology. 

Installing the CRM 3000 is quick and easy, it attaches to the web of the rail with a quick-fit magnet. 

Thresholds can be set to alert the user once the temperature breaches that threshold allowing the user to take necessary action which can be monitored and analysed using the online platform Insight. Any data collated collated is safe and secure via a worldwide network.

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